WWF help to take care of our natural world. Lets face it, the beauty of the natural world is unrivalled. To do anything to help preserve it is better than nothing.

The Virunga campaign is one of their main campaigns at the moment. Virunga National Park is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Uganda and itis under threat from the British oil company SOCO, who want to dig and explore the land for oil. WWF are fighting against this exploration as digging would affect the environment and the communities living in the area. The UK Government have acceped WWF's complaint that has been filed against SOCO and is set to examine their activities.

WWF also take care of animals and help to protect their welfare. Tigers are becoming extinct. The tigers that are in the wild are under threat from poachers who want to hunt for animal skins etc., habitat losses from natural causes and human settlements and climate change. There are as few as 3,000 tigers left in the wild. The donations go towards adopting a tiger, and can help protect them and keep the species going.


UNICEF have various campaigns to help children in developing countries. When an emergency strikes, the UNICEF staff react quickly in the area to help those in need.

in South Sudan, the violent conflicts are as prominent as ever and the children are affected through no fault of their own. Why should the innocent have to suffer? This situation has been declared a priority emergency for UNICEF globally which makes it one of the main emergencies that are being dealt with. UNICEF are constructing toilets and leading hygiene work in camps to try and cut out the risk of disease.

The Syria appeal helps children who have had to abandon their homes, lost their family and friends and protect children from potential abuse. They provide life saving supplies and support such as schooling and psychological support. Just recently, the UK Government pledged £100 million for the children of Syria.

The donations can go to any of these appeals or to UNICEF as a whole.