Interior Design Advice

Designing your perfect interiors can be confusing at times, where do I begin? What colours do I use? What colour goes with purple? Where do I buy good quality furniture from? All these questions and more will be answered in accordance with your home, personal taste and budget with our Interior Design Advice Consultation.

The consultation is designed to give you the design advice you need to decorate your home with style and in accordance with design principles.

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Interior Design

Interior design can take time as well as creativity and lack of time to create fabulous interiors, leads to the full interior design service that we offer. Unlike other design services, we have restructured the design process so that less time is needed to create fabulous interiors which results in more affordable interior design fees.

We will create, design and source all the furniture and finishes all to suit the specification and budget of the project.

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Hand Painted Wall Art

Hand painted wall art is truly a unique feature for any home. Being custom designed to suit the interior as well as the desired atmosphere, the results are stunning. These works are painted directly onto the walls so the options for size and location are endless. Designs can go around all four walls or just one; they can go onto the ceiling from the walls or around static furniture; they can just take up a small portion of a wall.

The beauty with custom designed artwork as opposed to canvases, is no-one will have the same design as you as all homes and rooms are different.

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